2019-20 Pre-Budget Submission

Here is a summary of recommendations from Jobs Australia's 2019-20 pre-Budget submission, which is attached below:


Value of the Not-For-Profit Employment Services Sector

1. Government recognises that a strong not-for-profit sector of employment service providers will help ensure that unemployed people get the support they need to get and keep job.


Future of Employment Services from 2020

2.  Provide more support to long-term unemployed people to help them get jobs and keep them.

3.  Services must be delivered face-to-face when needed.

4.  Implement a consultative reference group of representatives of service users and other stakeholders to co-design the new model and after its implementation.

5.  Create a market of providers that supports delivery of high-quality services and investment in the most disadvantaged job seekers to help them get sustainable employment.

6.  More investment is needed to assist employment service providers to recruit, train and retain skilled employees.

7.  Give providers more discretion to use their professional judgement so they can tailor mutual obligations to each job seeker’s needs.

8.  Rename Work for the Dole to avoid stigmatising unemployed people and work experience activities.


Disability Employment Services

9.  Provide transition support funding to all providers most affected by the new DES funding model.

10.  Review the DES funding model to confirm whether funding levels accurately correspond to levels of support needed.


Enhanced Employment Services for all Young People

11.  Offer enhanced employment services to all young people aged 15-25 on income support or at risk of long-term unemployment.


A New Indigenous-Led Remote Employment Service

12.  Withdraw the Social Security Legislation Amendment (Community Development Program) Bill 2018.

13.  Implement the Fair Work and Strong Communities proposal for a remote development and employment scheme, which creates jobs, does not discriminate against Indigenous people, and is Indigenous-led at the national and local level.


A Different Approach to ParentsNext

14.  Suspend the TCF and urgently review the compliance framework for ParentsNext.

15.  Develop and implement a more effective engagement framework in consultation with providers, peak bodies and participant stakeholder groups.


Increase Newstart

16.  Increase Newstart by at least $75 per week.


Implement a Job Guarantee

17.  Implement a Job Guarantee, assuring that every person who wants to work could be employed in services to their community.


Boost Spending on Employment Services

18.  Increase funding for employment assistance to at least half the average OECD level, worth about $500m per year.


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