In June, our Membership Services Coordinator Talie Collins met virtually with Jaxon the Senior Project Officer for Men’s Sheds of WA. Men’s Sheds of WA are the Peak Body for Men’s Sheds in Western Australia. Men’s Sheds work to assist men in a safe environment to once again become valued and productive members of their community whilst building sustainable friendships.

Men’s Sheds of WA has a vision that ‘all men are able to join a Men’s Shed, enhance their wellbeing, enrich their lives, and the lives of people in their community’. Since becoming incorporated in 2010, Men’s Sheds of WA has assisted in the growth from 23 to 180 Sheds state-wide. Located from Kalgoorlie to Christmas Island and Kununurra to Esperance. By providing access to ongoing practical support, public awareness, and advocacy, Men’s Sheds of WA produce amazing work that is helping bring their vision to life.

You can find out more about their Sheds here.