Full Membership

Full Membership is for non-profit organisations that help unemployed people to prepare for and find employment.

To be eligible your organisation must:
  • be a not-for-profit
  • deliver services to assist unemployed people into work
Typically, Jobs Australia members do some or all of the following:
  • Deliver services under Commonwealth and/or State Government funded programs, such as jobactive (including Work for the Dole), Disability Employment Services, Community Development Program (formerly the Remote Jobs and Communities Program), Skills for Education and Employment, and similar State Government programs.
  • Deliver accredited or non-accredited training for unemployed people as Registered Training Organisations, Group Training Organisations, apprenticeship centres, social enterprises and other non-profit training and education institutions.
  • Deliver similar employment and training services to unemployed people without any government funding.

Jobs Australia members get full access to Jobs Australia’s advice and support, including advice on funding opportunities, access to our research and policy work and networking events, as well as all of the benefits offered through the Community Sector Workplace Relations Subscription service.

To join: complete this application form and email it back to the Member Relationship Manager.

The annual membership fee is based on the number of equivalent full-time employees (EFT). You will need to calculate your EFT by adding together the total hours worked by all full-time, part-time and long-term casual employees in a week and divide by 38. Round to one decimal place.

Then select the band of EFTs your organisation fits in as your membership plan and add it to your cart.

Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (0 - 1.9 EFT)
Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (2 - 5.9 EFT)
Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (6 - 9.9 EFT)
Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (10 - 19.9 EFT)
Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (20 - 49.9 EFT)
Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (50 - 99.9 EFT)
Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (100 - 199.9 EFT)
Jobs Australia Membership - 2021/22 (200 EFT or more)