Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 4 March 2020

This document provides some baseline facts for business leaders and guidance as to critical questions to address in the immediate and near-term to ensure the continuity of their business and the safety, health, and wellbeing of their workforce and customers. Click here.

MARSH: Coronavirus Resilience Fact Sheet - 30 March 2020

Preparing for and Responding to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak. Click here.

Pandemic Response Lifecycle - 30 March 2020

Navigating the pandemic response lifecycle. Click here.

Checklist: Managing the operational impacts of COVID-19 - 30 March 2020

Checklist: Managing the operational impacts of COVID-19. Click here.

COVID-19: Cybersecurity Checklist for Remote Working - 14 April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created an abrupt and unforeseen need for entire workforces to be moved out of corporate facilities and into virtual environments. For many companies, a shift of this magnitude would normally require long-term IT transformation efforts. Due to the pandemic’s speed, however, many IT departments have come to appreciate a military adage: “You must fight with the army you have". Click here

The Coronavirus Rebound: Now’s the Time for Company Reorganization - 20 April 2020

Business reorganization and reinvention will be a high priority to ensure survival as COVID-19 takes its toll on businesses across the world — and a bottom-up approach may be the best way forward. Click here

What if your IT fails during COVID-19 - 27 April 2020

With many of our members moving their office to a virtual environment we understand there’s a heavier reliance on a member’s IT infrastructure. During normal operations there can be many reasons for a failure or loss of your network and/or systems applications. In the current virtual environment an IT failure can have significant consequences.

How can an organisation prepare themselves to ensure the impact is limited? Click here

COVID-19 risks outlook: A Preliminary mapping and its implications - 25 May 2020

Economic distress dominates companies' top concerns, yet leaders must act now to address the knock-on effect of far-reaching environmental, societal, and technological risks. Click here

The Global Risks Report 2020 - 25 May 2020

The Global Risks Report, published by the World Economic Forum with support from Marsh & McLennan, provides a rich perspective on the major threats that may impact global prosperity in 2020 and over the next decade. The 15th edition of the report draws on feedback from nearly 800 global experts and decision-makers who were asked to rank their concerns in terms of likelihood and impact. Click here

Building National Resilience - 25 May 2020

Building preparedness for risks that may threaten national security, economic prosperity, and societal wellbeing is a critical function of government. And the need for effective arrangements at the heart of government has rarely been as evident as it is now. Click here.

Coronavirus Hub - 25 May 2020

Insights and perspectives from Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman on how organizations can respond and lead through the future uncertainty arising from the pandemic. For support contact Marsh & McLennan COVID-19 Response. Click here

Getting Practical with Emerging Risks - 25 May 2020

Widespread political volatility and rapid technological advances are spurring companies to question not just their resilience, but also their fitness for purpose in the new world order.  Click here