1.     Purchase of Membership:

  • If you are successful in your Jobs Australia Membership application, Jobs Australia will send you an email confirmation within 7 working days. A membership package will be sent by digital delivery to your organisations selected email account or by mail to your usual place of business if preferred. Memberships should be received within 14 business days of processing by Jobs Australia.
  • Jobs Australia reserves its right to not accept a Membership application at any time in its absolute discretion.
  • Jobs Australia offer a Membership to organisations who meet the criteria, as well as an Associate Membership which provides access to described business services. Along with membership offerings, Jobs Australia also offer a host of professional business services from experienced individuals as an add on product offering (fee for service).

2.     Privacy:

  • Jobs Australia will only use personal information it collects for its original purpose that is disclosed at the time of collection. However, Jobs Australia may disclose personal information it holds where there is a legal duty to do so, including circumstances where a lawful duty of care to disclose information exists.  Where this is the case, Jobs Australia will notify the member in writing of who the information was given to and what information was given.
  • Jobs Australia does not disclose any information to any other party external to the organisation, unless sought under National or State laws.

3.     Terms of Membership:

  • Subject to the following terms and conditions, Jobs Australia Membership benefits will be available to your organisation from July 1st, each financial year subject to receipt of payment.
  • When changes are made to the membership terms and conditions that require legal consent or approval, Jobs Australia will ask its members for consent or approval. Jobs Australia reserves the right to terminate membership of members who do not provide their consent or approval of the new terms and conditions. Members may terminate their membership agreement if they no longer wish to be tied to the changed terms and conditions.
  • Jobs Australia retains the right, without prior notification to individual members, to change the terms and conditions of its membership programme. Any such changes will be published on the website and will become effective 14 days after these changes were announced, unless otherwise stipulated. Members are responsible for keeping informed about any changes to the membership terms and conditions.

4.     Misuse of Membership:

  • In the event of misuse of the Jobs Australia Membership, Jobs Australia reserves the right to exclude the member(s) in question from the membership program. Such misuse may include, but is not limited to, behavior which is troublesome or shows a lack of respect towards staff, partners or suppliers, criminal actions or actions that are generally regarded to be immoral, unethical or contrary to these membership terms and conditions.

5.     Termination of Membership:

  • Jobs Australia reserves the right to terminate either a Member or Associate Member with a six-month notice period to members. Any such notice will be sent via email or will be posted as notification on the Jobs Australia website.


6.     Discontinuation of Membership:

  • Should Jobs Australia need to discontinue one or all memberships due to conditions pertaining to legislation, a court decision or a prohibition by public authorities, Jobs Australia will not be held responsible for any losses to the individual member that may ensue from this discontinuation. Jobs Australia will, as far as possible, attempt to inform individual members as soon as possible if the circumstances described under this point should it arise.

7.     Grace Periods and Renewals:

  • Grace periods will not be awarded to Jobs Australia members. The Jobs Australia Membership is a valued product among members and renewal invoices will be sent mid-May each year for renewal of membership. Should you not wish to renew, please see cancellation terms and conditions below.

8.     Membership Payments:

  • Members will have 30 days to pay their renewal invoice once received. Jobs Australia will send no more than 3 renewal notifications throughout the renewal period. Should membership not be renewed within 30 days, membership will automatically be cancelled by Jobs Australia and access to all services will cease immediately. Access to Jobs Australia services will only recommence once membership is re-established as financial, and any outstanding monies have been retrieved.

9.     Feedback:

    • Your feedback is important in helping us to provide a high level of service. If you have any comments or questions about Jobs Australia and the business services available, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the feedback tab on our website.

10.  Cancellation of Membership:

  • Members can cancel their membership with Jobs Australia at any time. Cancellation must be made in writing and sent to our Membership department.

Email: memberships@ja.com.au
Postal address:

Jobs Australia Membership Department
Level 4, 100 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne, VIC
Cancellation will take immediate effect from the date on which our Membership department receives notice of cancellation.