Jobs Australia’s Membership Services Coordinator, Talie Collins, and Training Coordinator, Chat Dias visited Jobs Australia Member organisation, Milparinka Disability Services.

Milparinka provides a range of supports, opportunities, and connections that enable people who have a disability to achieve their ambitions and have better stories to tell.

SEEDs Communal Garden is a unique and diverse community garden, which provides opportunities for meaningful roles, community connections, and friendships for the participants of Milparinka. Since its beginnings in September 2015 SEEDs has organically grown from a patch of lawn to the abundant garden that it is today, recording nearly a ton of food harvested each year. The garden continues to grow and evolve through its natural networks, shared stories, mutual opportunities, food, events, and the SEEDs shared community.

Talie and Chat were lucky enough to be guided through the SEEDs Communal Garden and see first-hand the unwilted community spirit that has kept the garden thriving.

Milparinka holds two main community events a year, including the Winter Soup Festival and a Spring Rummage Sale. These events celebrate the community and support local talent and business, by bringing them together in a family-friendly space where they can enjoy a green and creative environment, share a meal, and listen to live music.

For more information on Milparinka Disability Services, visit their website here.