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2010/11 Indigenous Youth Leadership Program

In 2010 the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program (IYLP) recruited 22 Indigenous people: 14 young people and 10 mentors from around Australia. These participants had demonstrated their previous commitment to leadership through participation in a range of leadership activities prior to applying for the IYLP.

During 2010 participants were engaged in an experiential learning program that included trekking the Kokoda Track. This peak experience provided participants with the opportunity to practice the leadership skills in practical hands on environment.

To ensure the Foundation learnt from participants and the program, external and expert consultants were engaged to evaluate the IYLP. In addition to this a 50 minute documentary was produced. Following the positive outcomes of the 2010 IYLP and the results of the evaluation, Foundation Directors agreed to extend the leadership program for another 12 months, until the end of 2011.

The 9 key leadership competencies covered in the curriculum over the past two years included:

  1. initiating and leading change
  2. team work
  3. communication skills
  4. conflict resolution / problem solving skills
  5. delivering positive outcomes
  6. self-awareness and improvement
  7. knowledge and understanding of Indigenous culture and history
  8. working in the third space
  9. maintaining health & wellbeing.

The key elements of the 2010-11 Program included:

Year 1:

January  Selection and notification of successful participants
March  to August         Weekly health andfitness training (3 x a week)
March to November       Fortnightly mentoring support
April     Pre-trek leadership training  (5 days)
August   Kokoda Track (9 days)
September Post -trek leadership training (4 days)

Presentation at Jobs Australia 2010 National Conference dinner 

  Year 2:                   

April to August      Weekly health and fitness training (3 x a week)
March to November       Fortnightly mentoring support 
April    Documentary Launch and pre-trek leadership training (5 days)      
August     Indigenous Cultural Trek and debrief/closure (9 days) 
September  Review and redevelopment of program
October IYLP Presentation at Jobs Australia 2011 National Conference dinner and IYLP Program Development Workshop October 2011

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2010/11 Evaluation

Consultants were contracted to evaluate the 2010-11 Indigenous Youth Leadership Program and the outcomes of the participants on the program. The evaluation was multi-faceted using a range of quantitative and qualitative tools to capture participant feedback and ideas for program improvements. The information collected over the two years provided a comprehensive overview and understanding of the personal changes, strengths, limitations and learnings acquired through the delivery of the two year program.

The evaluation of the IYLP has ensured that the program content and model have been continuously improved and that the participant's learning and development has been extended. The Foundation's commitment to evaluation will continue in 2013-14 with the aim of building a body of evidence on the value of Indigenous leadership programs to those that participate and to the broader community.

Prior 2010

In 2008 the Foundation distributed $100,000 to the Stronger Smarter Institute (SSI) and $120,000 to the Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre (AILC).

By the end of 2011 the SSI had expended the $100,000 grant and funded a total of 13 scholarships for community education and liaison officers to attend the Stronger Smarter Leadership program along with senior educators. These scholarships grants will be available until 2012.

The grant made to AILC to fund a Mentoring Program Manager to lead a mentoring program for AILC graduates and students in their accredited Indigenous Leadership courses concluded in mid 2010.