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The Jobs Australia Foundation was established by Jobs Australia in 2005 to help disadvantaged communities and people in Australia.

The Jobs Australia Foundation is committed to:

  • providing direct relief to some of the most disadvantaged people in our community; 
  • supporting projects which foster innovation and best practice to build effective collaborations and inclusive communities; and
  • encouraging Jobs Australia members and the wider community to broaden their commitment to disadvantaged people and communities, through the Foundation or by establishing similar ventures.

Jobs Australia commits a percentage of its business income to the Foundation each financial year. The Foundation has its own Board of Directors and runs as a separate entity from Jobs Australia.

In 2006, the Board decided to financially support two highly successful Indigenous organisations with strong track records in achieving real and lasting change in communities, rather than reinventing the wheel and creating infrastructure of our own. The Stronger Smarter Institute scholarships for Indigenous educators; and Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre development of an Indigenous Mentoring training program.

Following the experiences and knowledge acquired through funding these organisations and the reality that there was growing evidence of the need for Indigenous leadership programs that strengthen and build the leadership skills of Indigenous people, the Jobs Australia Foundation Board decided in 2009 to pilot a national leadership program for Indigenous young people and mentors.

Since 2010, the focus of the Foundation has been the development and delivery of the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program. This focus will be sustained at least until the end of 2014.