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In 2009 the Jobs Australia Foundation expanded its investment in Indigenous leadership by committing to the development and delivery of the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program. This program is focused on the development of skills and the acquisition of knowledge by Indigenous people as a means of building their ability as individuals and leaders who can effectively address issues and needs in their communities in the future.

During 2010/11, the first Indigenous Youth Leadership Program was delivered. The program recruited 22 Indigenous participants: 14 people and 10 mentors from around Australia. The program was an outstanding success resulting in a commitment to deliver a second program.


The 2013/14 Indigenous Youth Leadership Program recruited 30 Indigenous participants: 23 young leaders and 7 mentors from around Australia. The program was further developed based on the knowledge gained from the first program and the support of a Program development Committee made up of participants from the first program.

One of the significant changes to the program was aligning the program curriculum to a Certificate IV in Community Development, delivered under the auspices of Kangan Institute Indigenous Education Centre.

The 2013/14 Indigenous Youth Leadership Program was delivered across six residential blocks of training over the two years, a total of 44 days. While on block participants engaged in a range of training sessions, activities and assessment tasks in and out of the classroom to ensure that participants diverse in age, experience, skills and knowledge were effectively engaged.

The program model, curriculum and associated activities were developed and delivered by the Indigenous Youth Leadership Program Leadership Delivery Team. Each unit was customised to ensure it was culturally appropriate and had a leadership and community development focus. An essential part of the training involved the strengthening of leadership and employability skills, with participants becoming clearer about their skills and abilities and the career development steps they wanted to focus on during and after the program.