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Join this group to receive updates on news, resources and events of a general nature that is of interest to not-for-profits more generally. We post information about our annual national conference, developments affecting the third sector, and any items that might interest or have impact on our the entire Jobs Australia membership network.

Employment Services

Government-funded employment services can create job opportunities, particularly for disadvantaged job seekers. We closely monitor and publish advice and information about policy and programme developments and issues. Join this group to receive news updates, resources and event notifications relevant to all federal and state government funded employment programs. If you're only interested in specific major contracts, expand this group and join the groups you want to hear from us about.

Workplace Relations

We provide award and pay table updates and regular industrial relations and human resource management bulletins to keep you informed and other resources to help you manage your wokplace. We hold regular professional development workshops designed to help build people and management skills for HR professionals, people managers, leaders, finance or operations managers and committees of management of both large and small organisations.