The Commonwealth Government's Skills for Education and Employment program (SEE) provides up to 800 hours of high quality language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) training to eligible job seekers.  In addition, language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) training is embedded in many current training packages.

Eligible job seekers can be referred to SEE by the Department of Human Services and employment services providers.  Some state governments provide additional funding to address LLN needs.

The term foundation skills refers to the core skills a person needs to get and keep a job.  The development of the National Foundation Skills Strategy has been an important step in increasing understanding about the need to improve the overall level of foundation skills among Australians of working age.  

While adequate LLN skills form part of this, other important components include a range of employability skills (sometimes referred to as soft skills).  Among these is the capacity to collaborate, to solve problems and to manage oneself in the workplace.  Surveys of employers regularly identify these as their priorities for new employees.

The current SEE contract and Adult Emigrant English Program (AMEP) for eligible migrants and humanitarian entrants will both end in mid-2017.  Both programs were recently reviewed and the new contracts which commence in July, 2017 will introduce significant changes.  These include much larger service delivery areas which will align with the jobactive Employment Regions.  In addition, there will be an AMEP contract in each delivery area as that program is opened up to greater competition.  One likely result of the tender is that some SEE providers will now also deliver AMEP. 

Jobs Australia provides updates and briefings on developments in this area.  We convene a network of members who deliver SEE around Australia and hold regular teleconferences and webinars to enable members to share knowledge and experience about program delivery, and the needs of learners.  We also act as a voice to government on issues of shared concern.

News items and resources relating to our policy representation and our support services for members can be found on this page and you can subscribe to news updates and upcoming event notifications by joining the SEE, AMEP and LLN group

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