Lunch+Learn: 3 Part Value Package

12:15pm Thursday, 28 January 2021
12:45pm Thursday, 11 February 2021

Join Luke Marshall in this 3 part Lunch+Learn virtual series. Luke is a digital marketing specialist with nearly 15 years experience working across a mixture of B2B, NFPs, startups, and enterprises. Luke has worked at Google Singapore, Facebook Australia, and agencies such as Dentsu and CHE Proximity.

Buy the 3 lessons as a package, and go in the draw to win a complimentary 1-hour deep-dive session with Luke to unpack your organisation’s digital activity and get the most value out of it you can.

To purchase a ticket to an individual session only, please click on the below links. 

Price for Members: $50.00 for a value package (3 sessions) or $20.00 for an individual session. Please make sure you are logged in on the Member Portal to receive your discount. Alternatively, please email to arrange your tickets.

Price for non-Members: $40.00 for 1 session or $100.00 for a value package (3 sessions).

Lunch+Learn Session 1: Make your content work 3 times as hard: the art of online repurposing

Lunch+Learn Session 2: Adding video marketing to a "boring" business

Lunch+Learn Session 3: Communicating on LinkedIn - finding, talking, and connecting online

$100.00 *
$100.00 *
* Price includes GST where applicable

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