Jobs Australia Webinar Series: Dealing with Difficult Staffing Situations with Philip Garside - 30 June 2020

11:30am Tuesday, 30 June 2020
12:15pm Tuesday, 30 June 2020
Online Webinar
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Join us for our first webinar on Tuesday 30 June, presented by Philip Garside. This webinar is specifically looking at discipline issues, and will show and explain each box that needs to be ticked for team leaders, supervisors and managers to proceed with disciplinary action with confidence.

Philip Garside is a partner in Garside Consulting.  Garside Consulting specialises in Human Resources issues, working under the umbrella, ‘Fairness in Workplaces.’  For the last 30 years, Philip has worked around Australia and New Zealand, helping companies and organisations big and small deal with staffing problems.  In our own industry, Philip is best known for his book, 'The Secrets to Getting a Job,’ which has helped many thousands of Australians into work.

Phillip Garside is an international best-seller and has helped many people around the world into work. Phillip has produced a suite of short video series titled 'The Secrets to Getting a Job'. “Your task is not to be the best person for the job. Your task is to appear to be the best person for the job. There is a significant difference.”. To watch the video series, click here.



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