Jobs Australia 2018 Conference: Transitioning through change

12:30pm Wednesday, 3 October 2018
1:00pm Friday, 5 October 2018
Pullman on the Park
192 Wellington Parade
Melbourne, Victoria 3002

As a CEO, Board member, CFO, Senior Manager or Future Leader you are operating in an exciting and challenging period of change. The Jobs Australia conference will focus on a range of issues affecting community and employment services and the strategic and operating opportunities that lie ahead.

We are pleased to announce the program for the 2018 Jobs Australia conference is now available. New features of this program include a first day of intensive workshops, member showcase sessions and topic-based network sessions. 

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The conference starts at 12:30pm on 3rd October at the Pullman on the Park, Melbourne. Day one intensive workshops are broken into six themes.  These workshops need to be selected during registration and include:

  • Ethics and Leadership: the core components of good culture and management - Brian Moran, Managing Values
  • Being a Board: Masterclass in good governance practices - David Fishel, Positive Solutions
  • Skills and Jobs of the Future: getting ready for the new world of work
  • CDP Provider Forum
  • CFO Forum
  • Future Leaders - Kicking off the Future Leader network and training program

The conference program has been designed to meet the needs of community and employment service leaders and managers. See below for how the program meets these needs.

CEOs and senior managers - will benefit from the intensive workshop on Ethical Leadership – how ethics, values and culture all add up to good management and leadership. This session will be delivered by Brian Moran of Managing Values. Further sessions on the program address strategic shifts in the nature of community and employment services market designs will interest all those who need to know what’s coming down the pipeline.

Board members will benefit from the intensive workshop which will provide the fundamentals of good governance practices. David Fishel is a renowned expert on NFP governance, and will follow up with a session on Day 2 which will focus on decision making on partnerships and mergers.  Boards will also benefit from attendance at a number of the sessions designed for CEOs and ES managers across the program.

CFOs and business development managers - there is a CFO Forum on financial strategies for NFPs ncluding ways to get the most out of strategic investments and assets. CFOs will also benefit from other sessions on the program including Ethical Leadership, understanding the marketing context and develping social enterprises.

HR and equivalent managers - the intensive workshop on ethical leadership will be of great interest to those with HR management responsibilities. There will follow on Day 2 sessions on strategies to strengthen the capability of the employment and community sector workforces, as well on how to avoid costly IR mistakes.

Future Leaders - we are pleased to announce the conference will be the launch-pad of Jobs Australia’s Future Leaders project.  We invite CEOs and other managers to nominate budding leaders to attend the conference to participate in the intensive kick-off session where they will be inspired about participating in, and  consulted about the design of, the future leader program to ensure it meets needs. Please nominate members of your team who would like to participate in the program by emailing

Employment and related managers - the line-up speakers for our Future of Work intensive workshop will review how shifts in skills and the labour market will affect our work in the ES sector. Sessions follow on Day 2 and 3 specifically for providers of jobactive relevant to the 2020 reforms; an update on the new DES; a CDP Forum; Indigenous employment and youth programs and more.

Social Enterprise - offers an important diversification model that can support missions to help the disadvantaged get and keep jobs. On Day 2 qe have partnered with Social Traders to provide a session that will update you on trends in funding for social enterprise and how to be part of exciting new developments in the social enterprise market. A walking tour of local Social Enterprises will be arranged for the afternoon of Friday 5 Oct - please register your interest for this here

Service designers and policy and research workers - if you have ever wondered about how social policy and welfare services are designed to align to human motivation, then our line-up of keynote speakers and workshops will provide you with greater insight into the elements of policy design related to motivation including Sharon Wright from the UK who will talk about the findings of the recently completed welfare conditionality project and what we can learn from this in Australia. There will also be a chance to focus on the benefits of evidence based policy and collaborative networks.

Networks and networking - in addition to our usual splendid networking events, this years' conference will provide the platform for our future engagement with you and will include topic based networks. Networking will be further encouraged at our complementary Welcome Reception on Day 1 and at the popular Networking Around Reception at the MCG.

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