General Protections 12 August 2021

11:00am Thursday, 12 August 2021
11:45am Thursday, 12 August 2021

Join David Prior from Jobs Australia's Workplace Relations team as he provides Members with a brief overview of the current landscape in relation to general protections claims.

The webinar will cover:

  • protect workplace rights
  • protect freedom of association
  • provide protection from workplace discrimination
  • provide effective relief for person who have been discriminate against, victimised, or have experienced other unfair treatment    

This webinar will include a summary of the process when a general protections claim has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission and the relevant steps, and how an employer should respond.  This will include some commentary on outcomes in recent cases in this important workplace relations area.


Speaker Profile

David Prior - Industrial Relations Specialist

I am a well respected and committed IR/HR practitioner with 23 years of experience at a senior level encompassing industrial relations, people management, human resources and organisational change. 
My experience includes extensive service delivery both in-house and in private practice, to collaborate with HR, leaders and management in highly unionised environments in not for profit, private and public sector enterprises.
Admitted to legal practice in 2008 I specialise in employment law and industrial relations. My qualifications include Master of Laws, Juris Doctor and Master of Public Administration degrees. 
I am passionate about industrial relations including problem-solving and pragmatic about finding workable solutions and engaging with internal and external stakeholders to achieve goals and maintain and continuously improve service delivery.
My experience includes industrial advocacy as a trade union official in Queensland in national transport, aviation and rail before moving to private practice across such industries as health and education in state and local government and federal statutory authorities. 


Access links for the webinar will be sent out 24 hours before the session begins. Timing is AEST.


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