Conversations Shaping Tomorrow Session 3: Resilience and Wellbeing in Our New Online World

12:30pm Thursday, 5 November 2020
3:15pm Thursday, 5 November 2020

Join Jobs Australia for our Insight Series.

'Conversations Shaping Tomorrow'

The Insight Series is made up of three sessions delivered on three different dates. You can take part in all sessions or if there is a particular session more compelling and aligned to your business, you can book into that one session, as a stand-alone.

You will hear from renowned keynote speakers, Stan Grant, Phil Garside, Mel Kettle, and Steve Simpson, just to name a few, together with some of our very own industry experts.

Session 3: Resilience and Wellbeing in Our New Online World

Wellbeing and resilience have never been more important to develop in ourselves and in encouraging it in those we support. However, the pressure of increased online working and connection via technology has added a layer of disconnect in a human way, stretching our resilience. In this session, we explore the organisational challenges and benefits of our new virtual world, and how to remain happy and motivated within ourselves, and how to inspire that in those we work with so we can work with technology, but remain connected in a human way.

Session Speakers:

Penny Locaso: The New Intelligence for the Human Age

COVID-19 is spreading exponentially, workforces have been sent home, physical distancing and self-isolation are the new norm and schools out. Welcome to the reality of being a professional in 2020. Partner this complexity with a workforce that was already feeling burnt out, anxious and humanly disconnected and you have the platform for a perfect storm.

 Whilst the immediate priority is focused on flattening the curve, the long-term critical priority is maintaining the mental health of our society so that those who survive have the ability to thrive. We find ourselves at a forced moment of inflection. Mother nature has sent us to our metaphoric rooms and given us time out. Time out to rethink the future of humanity and the role we have in shaping it. Welcome to the human age! A place where those who put humans first and prioritise the mental health of their employees will reap the rewards long term. But how? It’s time to cultivate a new intelligence an intelligence that enables humans to cease reacting and start intentionally adapting.

This interactive learning experience will explore:

• What it means to be human and why it matters more than ever

• How to cultivate positive human connection experiences whilst working virtually

• A framework for amplifying the human skills required to support intentional adaptation and basic wellbeing.


Mel Kettle: Disconnect to Reconnect: how to control your technology so it doesn’t control you!

Netflix! Instagram! Email! The irony of our increasingly connected world is that we – as individuals and as organisations – are becoming more disconnected than we ever have before. With the average person spending around 12 hours a day in front of a screen – and 4-5 hours of that on their phone, it’s no surprise we are becoming so digitally distracted! As our love of screens flourishes, we often forget it’s the human relationship that is most important. This shift in how we consume information is leading to shorter attention spans, increased anxiety and depression, sleep deprivation, and declines in creativity and critical thinking. Every aspect of our lives are being impacted, often not for the better. In this presentation, Mel will share real-life examples and practical ideas to help you put aside the technology and become reconnected in a human way.


Ben Vasiliou - Youth Projects: The Digital Revolution is here. Why CEO’s should be focussed on VIBE over STRATEGY.

Storytelling is incredibly powerful. In the modern age, people want more than a website. More than a Facebook page. All audiences crave connection. They want to know your story.

In this presentation, we’ll explore how our focus on vibe and engagement prevailed over a refined and orchestrated strategy. We’ll delve into the power of vulnerability and showcase how best to virtually engage.


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$199.00 *
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