Conversations Shaping Tomorrow Session 2: The Way Forward in Supporting the People Who Need our Help Most

1:00pm Thursday, 22 October 2020
3:30pm Thursday, 22 October 2020

Join Jobs Australia for our Insight Series.

'Conversations Shaping Tomorrow'

The Insight Series is made up of three sessions delivered on three different dates. You can take part in all sessions or if there is a particular session more compelling and aligned to your business, you can book into that one session, as a stand-alone.

You will hear from renowned keynote speakers, Stan Grant, Phil Garside, Mel Kettle, and Steve Simpson, just to name a few, together with some of our very own industry experts.

Session 2: The Way Forward in Supporting the People Who Need our Help Most

The Jobs market has arguably never been so challenging as it is right now. This session will focus on what we need to do as an industry to support those in most need. As an example of the communities we need to support most, we will discuss the barriers to employment people face when from an indigenous background, or as an ex-offender, or having undergone drug or alcohol rehabilitation. We will uncover the gap, and understand our role in how to narrow it.   

Session Speakers: 

Stan Grant: Talking to My Country (confronting the big questions about who we want to be as a nation)

Drawing on his personal history as a Wiradjuri man and his professional history as a journalist reporting from conflict zones around the world, Stan Grant confronts the big questions about who we want to be as a nation. 

The big question about whether Australia can be a country that can fully enshrine the rights of Indigenous peoples, that can wrestle with its past, that can draw a line through its history, that can give Indigenous peoples the opportunity to make decisions about their lives that will lift Indigenous people and communities.

Clare Davies - Windana: Therapeutic Communities - Supporting people to recover from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.

Unemployment is just another form of social exclusion that people with a drug and alcohol history face. Having undergone drug or alcohol rehabilitation many people still face barriers to employment due to mental and physical health issues, housing, and criminal histories. Challenging stigma and discrimination..

Marius Smith - VACRO: Working for a Second Chance

Counter the mystery, fear and stigma about people leaving prison and why they should be considered for the workforce. What does inclusive recruitment look like with a criminal record and how we believe you can get the best outcomes for employee and employer?

Leanne Liddle - Northern Territory Government

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