Employment services in Australia are provided by a mixed market of not-for-profit and for-profit agencies.  

Major employment and related services programs include:

  • jobactive - Australia's primary employment services program designed to provide support to most job seekers who are in receipt of unemployment benefits;
  • Disability Employment Services (DES) - a specialist service that helps people with disabilities get jobs;
  • Transitions to Work (TTW) - a service for young job seekers under 25 years; and
  • Community Development Program (CDP) - a form of employment services provided in remote areas primarily for Indigenous Australians.

Employment services providers are contracted to delivery Active Labour Market Programs which comprise a mix of activities including job search support and work experience such as work for the dole.  Employment services providers work with employers to help them find suitable candidates for vacancies and to give disadvantaged job seekers job starts.

There are a range of complementary employment related programs that Jobs  Australia members provide related to the acquisition of work-related skills such as SEE, AMEP, and Youth Jobs PaTH Employability Skills Training.