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General conditions

Claims in relation to relevant incidents must be reported to Jardine, Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd within 14 days of the date the incident occurred.

Claims under Professional Indemnity and Directors’ and Officers’ Liability policies will not be valid if the claim is reported after the expiry of the policy, EVEN IF the incident occurred prior to the expiry date.

The insurers will deal with claims only on the basis of the information before them and it is therefore important to provide as much detail as possible on the claim form, together with all relevant supporting documents. If you are in possession of information about any claim which may assist the insurers to assess the extent and validity of their liability, you should immediately inform Aon to optimize the result of your claim.

Specific policy conditions

All claims except Workers’ Compensation should be reported directly to:

Jardine, Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd

Attention: Lauren Malkin
Phone: 03 9613 1423 or 0437 996 829
Fax: 03 9614 3600

Public/Products Liability

You should advise Jardine, Lloyd Thompson Pty Ltd as soon as you receive any indication that there may be claim or a potential claim, even if this indication is given verbally.

You will need to forward any Incident Reports or notifications of a claim (whether potential or not) to the Aon Risk Services. The claim is then recorded and will be dealt with by Aon Risk Services and the insurer.

Upon receipt of the completed claim form, the Insurers will decide whether to negotiate direct with the third party or appoint a loss assessor to attend.

If a loss assessor is appointed, you will be informed and provided with the name of the assessor involved.

In the event of injury accidents, you are expected to render reasonable assistance to the injured person but never admit liability under any circumstances. If an injured party approaches you to lodge a claim or wishes to know who your insurers are, you should co-operate as much as possible. Accept any papers, doctors bills, ambulance bills and any other accounts from the claimant and forward these to your insurer as soon as possible.

Do not discuss the accident with the claimant and not attempt to negotiate with a third party or their legal representatives.

A copy of the appropriate claim form can be found 

Fire and Perils

Damaged Property

Please ensure that you’re able to provide the following documents:

  • A list of the property that has been damaged.
  • A quote to repair or replace the damaged property.
  • A report confirming the condition of the property.

If anyone holds you responsible for their accident or injury, please insist that their claim must be in writing. 

Temporary Repairs to Premises

If you are responsible for the repairs, the following documents will be required by your insurers:
Invoices for temporary repairs to premises
A copy of the lease agreement.

Water Damage

If water damages your floor coverings, please have them dried as soon as possible.

If water damage has stained the floor coverings please have these cleaned and if still damaged and the cleaning company advises in writing that the stain cannot be removed, please provide one quotation for the replacement of the damaged section only.

Malicious Damage

If your property is maliciously damaged or vandalised, report the damage to the Police and provide us with the Police report number.

Business Interruption Claim

This section will only apply if there is a loss under the Property Damage section of your policy. 

For claims of this nature, a loss adjustor will be appointed so any documentation requested by the loss adjustor will need to be supplied.

Theft Claim

Please ensure that you’re able to provide the following documents:

  • A list of items that were stolen
  • Proof of ownership for the items stolen
  • A replacement quotation for the items stolen
  • Invoices for temporary repairs to premises (e.g. repairs to locks / doors) if you are responsible for these repairs and if so, a copy of the lease agreement
  • Police report number.

Glass Claim

Please provide:
Repair / replacement of glass invoice
Quotation for sign writing (if applicable)
Police report number (if applicable).  

When a claim is made, the insurers may appoint a loss assessor to investigate and report upon losses, authorise repairs and recommend settlement. The loss assessor’s instructions should be followed precisely. If a loss assessor is not required, the claim will be promptly settled by the insurer(s) through Aon.

Do not approach or seek to appoint an assessor yourself.

A copy of the appropriate claim form can be found at

Personal Accident

Volunteer/Program Participants

The subscribing organisation should advise the injured Volunteer or Program participant to claim through Medicare (if possible, they should be referred to a bulk billing doctor to limit their out-of-pocket expenses) to recover expenses.  You should also advise job seeker/participant that they are not eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits.

Note: Non- Medicare Benefits are not covered under the Personal Accident Policy.

Jobs Australia Blanket Cover Program (JSA and DES Providers)

Personal accident and public liability insurance for participants has been arranged by DEEWR in some of their employment assistance, training and youth programs.

To avoid duplication of cover, the Jobs Australia policies will only respond where there is a difference in cover between the DEEWR policies and the Jobs Australia policies. Jobs Australia Limited requests all members involved in the above programs to claim through the relevant DEEWR policies for any claims involving injury or damage resulting from participants attending the above programs.

Please note the DEEWR insurance applies to PARTICIPANTS ONLY in the above programs.