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JLT Benefit Solutions is a unique provider of employee benefits services for personal and work related injuries and illnesses. 

We are able to provide a truly holistic approach with an emphasis on early intervention and ensuring that your people are covered whilst also providing Jobs Australia members with cost savings and financial protection.

JLT takes a holistic approach to injury management including workers compensation strategic consulting, outsourced return to work and claims management.  We aim to simplify processes, reduce workplace risk, increase the transparency of premiums and ensure a consistent approach to claims management.

JLT are able to build upon the ongoing success of your participation in the National Community Sector Workers’ Compensation Program through the following additional services:

Policy Support Services

  • Assistance in understanding the calculation of premium and how you can effect change on your premium.
  • Request a certificate of currency. (link to FAQ’s section “How do I get a certificate of currency)

Injury Management Support Services

  • Discuss injury treatment and progress.
  • Assist you to prepare a Return to Work Plan.
  • Liaise with the workers’ compensation insurer on your behalf regarding and claims or injury management issues.
  • Recommend use of external providers when indicated.
  • Advise on dispute resolution procedure.

Business Intelligence

  • General advice regarding strategic decision making such as redundancies that may impact workers’ compensation premiums.
  • Communication of important legislative changes / updates that may impact on your workers’ compensation program.

Occupational Rehabilitation Provider

JLT’s model is unique in the market. JLT is the only insurance broker in Australia which wholly owns and operates an occupational rehabilitation provider, WorkStreams. This allows us to combine our insurance expertise with sound medical and allied health management, to develop and implement outcome driven strategies which have significant benefits for your people, while sustainably reducing your workers’ compensation premium.

WorkStreams is an approved; ISO accredited 9001:2000 occupational rehabilitation company which provides a range of comprehensive return to work solutions that control costs, prevent injuries and help workers resume work either with the injury employer or, when this is not possible, with a new employer.

WorkStreams can assist by providing quality support to ensure that your staff member receives appropriate treatment, is able to clearly navigate the insurance process and ultimately makes a safe, timely and durable return to work.

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