Family support agency MacKillop Family Services (MacKillop) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. MacKillop’s founders were deeply committed to caring for the most marginalised children, young people, and families, and were doing this work for over 150 years before forming MacKillop. Continuing this commitment, MacKillop lives the values of the courageous and visionary Mary MacKillop, Catherine McAuley, and Edmund Rice in its work today: justice, hope, collaboration, compassion, and respect.

One staff member, who works closely with families experiencing complex issues, shares “Because we live and practice our values in our work with our families and with each other, we exude hope, we sow hope, and we hold hope in situations where families are feeling so overwhelmed and powerless and stuck”.

Over the past 25 years, MacKillop has grown from a team of 200, delivering residential care, foster care, education, disability, and family support across Melbourne and Geelong, to over 1400 employees located in 40 offices in NSW and the ACT, WA, VIC, and the NT.

Looking forward, MacKillop is committed to working for the rights of all children, young people, and families to be safe, to learn, and to feel nurtured and connected to culture. By building an evidence base about what program responses work best and drawing on our history and experience, MacKillop seeks to inform future policy and advocate for the best outcomes for children, young people, and families.

For further information on MacKillop Family Services, visit their website here.