Elaine has worked in a variety of roles in education, vocational training, social enterprises, and employment services for many years. As the CEO of Encompass Community Services since 1995, it has been Elaine’s pleasure to oversee talented and dedicated staff who are assisting and standing side by side with people of all backgrounds and abilities. Encompass was one of the first nine DES organisations established in 1986 and funded by the Federal Government. Though some things have changed, many unfortunately have not. Whilst opportunities for people with disabilities may appear to have increased in Australia, sustained and ongoing job opportunities which also provide career paths is an area of concern. Elaine is very much looking forward to her role as a Board Director at Jobs Australia and hopes to contribute to the work of the Board.

Elaine’s interest in social enterprises has allowed her to undertake a couple of projects in Fiji, the Philippines, and recently in Vietnam.  We may be in different countries but most of us are all working towards the same goals and Elaine has learned so much about the similarities rather than any differences. People are people and Elaine believes we share similar dreams and ambitions. Elaine is also an avid Collingwood supporter.