Jobs Australia has sought clarity and further detail state by state from the Premiers on the definition of “non-essential businesses” which so far align with the statement by the Prime Minister.

Jobs Australia will continue to provide detail as the information is updated. This is a continually changing landscape and Jobs Australia will aim to keep the information current for Members.

ACT Specific Coronavirus Updates - 23 March 2020


The ACT Government will be enacting directions on the temporary closure of non-essential activities and businesses to help slow the spread of COVID-19. This reflects the decision made at National Cabinet on non-essential service closures and maintains consistency with the NSW approach. It is important that the rules are the same throughout the Canberra region.

Statement: ACT Chief Minister

Jobs Australia Member Information - ACT Updates - 1 May 2020

Jobs Australia is 100% committed to ensuring all Members are continually well informed during the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and as such provide regular summaries of information for all States and Territories. Click here.

ACT Government COVID-19 Updates - 22 May 2020

ACT Government COVID-19 Updates. Click here

Making a Claim

Your case manager should be your first point of contact when reporting an incident. Further information specific to COVID-19 and Workers’ Compensation can be found on the ACT Government website.